This week I told my son I was going to limit his online time and complained as well, at him and my husband playing their online game during dinner time. My son looked at me and said, so will you also limit your time online as well? I was floored! He was right! I work with my computer, and often spend my evening hours and watch TV with my laptop on! I think watching TV is big waste of time, but I did not really want to explain why I keep my computer on, while they watch shows and cartoons and play the online game! Because the truth is, I am also hooked on being connected online.

My son and my husband play online together the game – clash of clans:  and they chat online, fight over giants and healers…..the only reason why I know that is because I hear this all the time! So watching them tonight, I realized that my plan to stop this gaming and ask them not to play so much would cut their bond, cut their connection, so I need a new strategy!

clash of clans

I know what you are going to say, long hours on the computer is not healthy, it’s not a good way for a child to spend their spare time, etc. I know all that and when my son was little, I was so strict about his game time, that he grew up not crazy about video games and he has all of them! He did develop a passion for some online games he has on his computer and iPad though, and it is surprising that he lured my husband to join his clash of clans game and they have been playing together since!

Being a family of people who love the internet and everything that comes from it, I came to a conclusion that the computers, iPads and the games are a part of who we are and if I do plan to remove this from my son’s life, I need to remove from the family overall, in order to limit the time he spends on it, so we can spend more time together as a family! Since my income and my customers come from connecting online through our blogs and social media, I’m thankful for the fruits of those efforts and truly enjoy my online friends, so I feel conflicted by my goal to limit his online time, while knowing in my heart it is not such a bad thing, since he also has a blog: where he has acquired better writing skills and learned how to structure text and tell a story! My challenge now is to stop shouting how bad it is to stay long hours on the internet and find other things we all enjoy to do and incorporate that into our free time! That is my plan this summer!

Do you have any suggestions?


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