lucas fish 1

The adventure Aquarium is a very good place because it has a huge Alligator that weighs about 800 Lbs. his name is Mighty Mike he is 14 ft. long.  I like that he is HUGE and he could swallow a huge amount of food. There is pool of stingrays and you could feed them fish and when you do they come over I and sucks it up.

The stingray got its fin and splashed water on everybody. There are amazing sand sharks there and you can pet them they don’t move much so it’s safe to touch them. I’d recommend this to any people 1-100 years old?

lucas fish 2

There were star fish and other things but I don’t remember their names but one of them looks spikey and it is actually smooth! I loved petting them!

Touching those fish was the best thing about going to the Aquarium! Come children, come, you will love it!

Lucas Krusch – 9 years old


This post was written (not edited by anyone) by my son and the first picture was also taken by him! I am sooo proud! We would love to receive other posts about their experience in SJ children’s attractions. To submit article, please email:

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