Thinking about my Thanksgiving todo list two weeks ago, I put together a plan to make sure I would have everything by a week before the holiday and it worked! If you are still trying to figure out what to do, here are some recipes, tips and more!

Before the date:

  • Supermarkets are so packed on the three days prior to the holiday, so I recommend going two weeks up to the weekend before the holiday.
  • If you can’t purchase all items due to fridge space and budget restrictions, purchase major items like turkey, pie ingredients, dessert ingredients, canned items on sale and eggs, which last up to 3 weeks. Remember, turkeys are gone in most places by Tuesday before Thanksgiving, or at least, the smaller ones!
  • Make a list of all dishes with ingredients to the dot, make a list of people who are coming so you can also calculate beverages as well.
  • Make sure you have linens, towels and toiletries if you are expecting company and that rooms are cleaned and organized and beds freshly made prior to their arrival.
  • Make a list of items missing and try to purchase them the weekend before the holiday!
  • Purchase paper products for appetizers and munchies, as well as nice plastic cups, Party City and Christmas Tree Shops has some nice ones! To save your washing the dishes time and loaded sink. Save the nice china and cups for dinner and dessert.

Next Post, I will be sharing my menu and recipes I chose, as well as last minute preps! Stay tuned!

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