Games for Thanksgiving Day or for a class party. Today I will be sharing these with my son’s class.  As one of his classmates said to me this morning, “only grown ups like to sit around the table talking, will there be games to play?”  I would much rather play games myself so yes there are many games and much fun to be shared today. We will first start our Thankful Trees completing the leaves with gratitude before our feast.  Following the feast we will play games and laugh together.  Then we will watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving while sharing a snack of popcorn, pretzel sticks and jelly beans.  My hope is that through the games, fun and laughter I am helping these children make memories and friendships that will last them a lifetime.


I am Thankful For onThanksgiving

IMG_2159 2

Jingo- Bingo for Thanksgiving


Estimating Candy Corn- Math with a Candy Prize!


Mayflower Sailing


Pin the Feather on the Turkey


Save the Turkey Egg

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