bucket list

Well, last year I had a list up and I was able to do 80% of what was on my list!

We’re back again! Why so early? Because we plan and save and look out for discounts for tickets, instead of doing last minute!

I have selected fun things we did not get a chance to do, plus some other new adventures! Please let me know if you like it and what would you add?

Trips and Entertainment

1. Return to Hershey Park – I have found a discounted option on Jersey Family Fun and wanted to share! Tickets are just $ 27.00




2. Baltimore – My son is a big fan of Baltimore, so my plan is to find a discounted rate at one of the hotels and spend a weekend there, early summer! Also planning on visiting the Aquarium again and adding something new we have not tried. It’s close enough we can just spend a weekend.

3. NYC- My son’s favorite place in the world! We are planning on visiting relatives in Cape Cod late June and on the way back, stopping for a 2 day visit in NYC and finally taking my son to see Lion King.



4. Sahara Sams outdoor water park – We are planning on visiting the outdoor portion which is set to open Memorial Day, keep eyes out for membership, maybe!

Link to the new page: http://www.saharasams.com/attractions/outdoor/

5.  We plan to buy a membership to FunPlex again, just $ 39.95 for child and $ 29.95 for adult! My son and I went there almost 20 times during the summer!


6.  My son has never been to a theatre in South Jersey, my goal is to chose some age appropriate plays and buy tickets in advance! Rainy days, here we come! Here is a link for some options!  http://www.ritztheatreco.org/?go=kidshows13\

7. We are planning on trying out new beaches and coming back to our favorite, Ocean City!

Indoor and home Play

1. Dance like no one is watching! 
Use some upbeat songs like the ones in Kidzbop, take their hand and dance around!

2. Help your child make new friends
At the playground or at daycare, sometimes they need a little help meeting new people.

3. Jump rope fun
Games, songs, twirling techniques — proof, once again, that the simplest toys can provide hours of fun!

4. Try these ball games
When kicking, catching, and throwing grow old, don’t just toss the ball in the closet. Decorate it with markers, try to catch it with towels, or make up new rules for kickball.

5. Yoga, who would know???
They’ll have fun  balancing on one foot, and you’ll both get to take a few deep breaths, make funny poses!

 6. Musical Toys

Let tinkling melodies and crashing drums be your Summer soundtrack!

 7. Outdoor fun

If you’re gonna say, “You kids go play outside!” at least give them some awesome outdoor toys to play with. I’m planning on buying a new pool, having a storage to make his outdoor toys accessible and planning playdates with his classmates to ensure double fun!

Hope you enjoyed my post and spend time with child, even if you work, plan ahead, make time! They will treasure the memories forever!

8. Do what your child likes to do! 

My son loves fishing so we join our local lake and every day, after I come back from work we go there! He loves it!


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