A year ago, we were locked in the house, no work, no way to go out, eyes locked on the TV and computer until we lost power at night!

My son and I did many fun things, anything that came to my teacher mind to switch the tension and stress out of the situation. My son made a tent and we told scary stories until the light went off.

camp pic with Lu!


That experience the horror presented to us, via images and reports, showed me that we lived in a world of uncertainty and we needed a plan, if something like that, ever happened again.

So I jumped at the opportunity to get involved  around Get Ready. Get Safe. with the Hurricane Sandy anniversary coming up on Tuesday, Oct. 29th, today!

I wanted to share a video that shows Sandy’s ongoing impact on kids and we would love for you to share that with your readers. That and other resources can be found at:  www.savethechildren.org/sandy

I learned that:

  • You should be prepared for emergencies
  • You should research your insurance policy when there is no need for it
  • You should listen to weather warnings and move fast if needed, life and death are a matter of having the wisdom to listen.


You should also have some checklists:

So what are you waiting for? Share this information and

Also, please be sure to tweet with the hashtag #PANJ4Good and @SavetheChildren.

Claudia Krusch – Children More




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