Are you home on New Year’s Eve with the kiddos? Not sure how to entertain them? Welcome to my club!

My son is a little older but I wanted to share some ideas we have used in the past and still use to make your night fun and the best night of the year!

Marshmallow Drop – We bake cupcakes together, my son puts icing on one and we have a contest to see who places more marshmallows on top of one and then we eat them! Yummmmm

New Year’s Camp – We place sleeping bags in the tv room and make popcorn to watch movies until midnight in front of the fireplace! Sometimes, we take turns making up stories, funnnn!

Board Games – My son always gets new board games for Christmas, so we play some games, which I rarely have time to do, due to my crazy schedule… it’s special time and special game time! I also squeeze in brain boosters like rush hour and other brain boosters to make our time challenging and FUNNNN! My favorite games are Lego Games, we have a ton of them, the new one is the Hobbit my son is putting together for tonight! I also love monopoly! When my son was younger, we played chuttes and ladders and candy lane!

Wish Bucket – We write things we want to happen and accomplish in the new year and every time something happens, we need to find the wish in the bucket and remove from it. The goal is to work towards having it empty by the end of the year! Gratitude and good intentions make this game a must! If your child is too young to write, work on the list with them! My son used to tell me places he wanted to visit and things he wanted to do in the new year and I used to write when he couldn’t! Fun and teaches them how to be grateful and how to set goals!! A must try!

Clothes Swap – In Brazil we believe we need to start the year with white underwear for good luck, so my son and I always have a new pair!!! He thinks it is silly, but I am keeping my country’s traditions, so it is fun!!

Kid Friendly Buffet! – We plan the snacks together, some Brazilian favorites like Brigadeiro and cheese and hotdogs skewers, pop corn, nuts and lentils, yes, Brazilians believe having lentils on the table ( not to be consumed just for decor) will bring you luck in the new year! It does not hurt to add it! Since we have Chinese for dinner, another tradition, the munchies are lighter, just to keep us munching until midnight!!

Bubble it! – We always have sparkling cider to make a toast at midnight! This year I gave myself a gift ¬†and bought a bottle of Moet Chandon! Hubby and I will be sharing it while my son has the sparkling version on plastic champagne flutes….

Whatever you do or games you play, you must remember, the new year will start well if you put your good thoughts and energy towards it!! Why not add your children to it all?? Can’t wait to hear your ideas!!!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!!



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