5 great things to do when it snows

It’s snowing so much lately, I have decided to look for things to do indoors/outdoors. While browsing, found some great things to do with little ones as well and wanted to share, these are my top five FREE things to do when it snows!

1. Crafts
Always a good option, the easier the better. I wanted to recommend if your child is 5 or older to fry origamis. They are great and give the children a sense of accomplishment, since they made something out of just folding, no glue, no coloring….it also improves concentration and reasoning as it propels the little minds to use the paper precisely. My son started with fortune tellers, now he is able to make very complicated ones.
I wanted to recommend this book for beginners:


2. Music
If the movie said: I’m singing in the rain, why not sing in the snow?? My son and I often play music out loud and I always add some foreign language music, off course! We dance and sing out loud! Great way to spend time with the kids, they love it and all you need is a cd player or like me, I invested on a nice dock for my iPod!
Suggestions on kids friendly CDs:
Kids Bop 23

100 songs to sing with kids

3. Cooking
Let’s get cooking! Cooking engage their creativity and it’s fun! My favorite two things to do with my son are making cookies, let them pick the shapes and have fun, don’t worry about being perfect or about the mess! My son make small robots and other figurines with left overs, he even gives them names! Also baking, like cupcakes, you can bake them ahead and decorate with the little ones! I recommend pre made icing for less mess and set up a buffet of toppings and let them go craaaaazy!

4. Outside
It’s cold outside! If you are not like me and you like to go outdoors when it snows, you can build things outside with your children and look for a hill and go sledding! I, myself, prefer the comfort of a great warm fireplace and look at it outside.

5. Camping

camp pic with Lu!
I used to make forts or camp tents for my son using sheets! Sleeping bags inside, you can cuddle with a book, tell them camping stories, you can even get crazier like me and use a small candle burner and place chocolate on top of a tea candle and dip small marshmallows in it! My son loved to do that! He is older now, but I wanted to share, because it was super fun!

Anyway, building or playing, singing, strenghtens a bond with your child and they will keep these memories for the rest of their lives! My son still talks about things we used to do when he was 3!!!

Have fun and post here if you try some of our ideas! Would love to hear yours!!

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