I received my son’s report card and he made the honors list but his writing skills are not where we wanted them to be, according to standardizing tests

so I decided to put together a curriculum to strengthen his skills, not make him hate doing summer work! Challenging, huh??

I put together a chart with 3 daily activities, a simple card with the activities printed and he needs to check them on his own,when completed

and each check is worth a point, 20 points are worth a small toy or summer treat!

I bought two books, to help me with structured activities since I am not a 4th grade teacher:



The second book is a lot “heavier” on content than the first one, so I recommend not asking for more than one page of that a day.

This is what I have, but you can customize for your child, if they don’t read, you can check for him/her!

Lucas chart

We also do Spanish and Portuguese fun games and words, so he can learn foreign languages as well!

His teacher gave him a summer reading list, we have not started that yet, but we are going to B&N this weekend to buy one! We needs to

share what he read after dinner time! I am also reading two new books and I share my reading with him! So it’s super fun!

Above all, don’t make it a heavy burden on your child, split the work time on AM and PM if your child gets distracted easily

or complains about doing the work!

Share your progress here! Some tips? Please comment!

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