It’s already that time of year when we decorate our homes for Halloween and the Fall Season. Prior to having my son I only decorated with very simple Fall decorations.  The child who is still afraid of the dark loves decorating for Halloween with spooky things that make sounds, light up in the dark and are scary.



We make the month of Halloween fun and in the spirit of Halloween we decorate together as a family, decorate pumpkins, dress up with him and this year will be hosting a Halloween party for his friends. Halloween is fun for adults and children alike.


You can decorate your house for Halloween inside and out without spending a lot of money.  Every retailer offers a wide selection of Halloween decor and party supplies. I purchase new decor at deep discounts at the end of each season and store them until the next year.  This year my son was thrilled to see a new addition to our collection.  Our singing skeleton is his new favorite.



A great decorating idea is to spend an evening with your friends painting your own Halloween or Fall masterpiece.  Every year when I see my painting, while not perfect, reminds me of the fun night I spent with my friends catching up with a glass of wine while painting at a local studio.


Forget about carving pumpkins and worrying about them rotting.  Instead make a foam craft pumpkin each year to not only decorate but to enjoy from year to year.  You can paint the pumpkin and decorate it with Halloween Pumpkin Push-Ins available everywhere.  My son loves looking at his pumpkins from every year to see how his interests have changed. His pumpkins started as a simple craft pumpkin with a face to a pirate and now super heroes.   I am not sure what this year will bring but I have an idea it will still be a super hero theme with the Hulk Halloween Pumpkin Push-In available at



What do you plan on using to decorate your home this year and do you love Halloween just as much your children?

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