I had a wonderful day at the Blogger Beach Bash in Avalon, at The Golden Inn.

break goldeninn 1


We had a chance to connect at the breakfast where I was greeted with a charming bracelet and smiles by Joey and Stephanie from Real Mom Media!

bracel f


We headed to the beach to check out Matt’s work of art and start learning how to make a “cool” sandcastle, in my son’s own words.

golden inn 2f


My son and husband listened to instructions very attentively! Carefully remembering every step!

golden inn 3f


The fun started and they really took the task seriously! Meticulously following the steps while perfecting their moves!  People would stop and say, wow, they are taking it seriously!!!

golden inn 4f


Meanwhile, I chatted with Matt and his wife and learned, Matt no longer does the Travel Channel show but he has travelled all over the nation, more specific, NJ for Stronger than the Storm project, they also own a wood restoration business in NY! Matt shared his passion and how he wants to inspire children to be outside, have fun, especially at the beach, which is my daily preach! I asked him some questions and wanted to share some parts of our conversation!


My son had given up on making sandcastles and the event not only gave him a reason to enjoy it all over again, it gave my husband the opportunity to learn something together with him! He asked to go back to the beach to show off his new skills, which made me very happy!


I wanted to thank Joey and Stephanie for inviting us to the event and for providing such an amazing experience for my son! He learned a lot more than making a castle, he learned that he can have fun and learn with simple, old fashioned play time! I will be forever grateful for that!

golden inn 5f

And above is a picture of my son and husband’s sand castle! What do you think?







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