I am hosting a playdate for 4 of my son’s friends and two of them need a gluten free diet! Here I am, preparing a black velvet cake, mini sandwiches, all loaded with gluten! I had to ask on facebook page for help! Many came to my rescue and we came up with some great ideas that I wanted to share here on this post! Hope it will help you as much as it has helped me!

Some great sites:


  • Glutenfreemommy.com
  • Landolakes.com
  • http://glutenfreecooking.about.com/od/seasonalandholiday/tp/10-Gluten-Free-Halloween-Candy-Recipes.htm
  • Other ideas shared: pieces of banana with 2 choc chips as eyes, take 2 mini apple slices and smear peanut butter in between to hold them together and put mini marshmallows on for teeth. Also they had pieces of motzerella cheese sticks with olives as eyes to make ghost
  • Pumpkin spice haystacks made out of Rice Krispies and gluten free marshmallows to our pumpkin carving party at school
  • Gluten free graham crackers with pumpkin dip, fruit (rename it: bowl of grapes- witch warts, blueberries- boo berries) or use a small cookie cutter to stamp out pumpkins from slices of cheese. Also, I work for Wildtree and they offer an awesome GF cake mix.
  • Popcorn, fruit kabobs, cheese , chex ,many candies, Carmel apples
  • http://halloween.about.com/od/recipesforhalloweentreat/Recipes_for_Halloween_Treats.htm

Gluten free candy bars from many manufacturers. So many of your favorite candy bars that are gluten free! Please check the label before consuming any products and make sure they are safe for you or somebody who has food allergies! I was really surprised when I saw all those options below! Guess what, I will have some for them to munch on! 


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