When Back To School means Back Off!

Back to School Means Back off 

I met my son’s teacher and heard all about making the kids more independent and changes from last year and I tuned out, thinking about all the work I would have to do with the new “independence mode”! 

How much I would have to check his daily planner and how much I would have to make sure he knew the details on the review sheets and how all the new supplies would have to be double checked to ensure he did not lose or gave them away….

I felt that overwhelming feeling taking over, since I am now with more teaching hours and my house looks like a hurricane passed inside of it and fall hasn’t even started yet….a voice inside of me told me to BACK OFF!

I said to myself, back off?? The voice said YES! But I struggled with the notion and started creating all the arguments to support my fears and stress, reasons why I could not and should not back off….

My son would fail and lower his grades – The voice said FALSE

He will become more independent and learn the consequences of not taking responsibility with his school work

Not working close to his teachers with daily emails and talks will make him feel lostFalse

He will not be lost, I will

Independence means Chaos –  False

Independence will enhance his self confidence and problem solving skills, which have always bothered me.

I must know everything and watch everything closely in order to help him – False

He needs to know and he needs to resolve his own issues with classmates and schoolwork to help him grow as a Christian and a responsible individual.

After the conversation, which only lasted a few seconds, if you are a control freak like I am, with a crazy need for organization, surrender to your inner voice as your children grow and let them grow and become independent and you will not going to be able to do that until you back off!