A Mom’s View- my view on engagement

Last week watching the news and a psychologist comment on John Carey’s interaction with his daughter as well as the girl’s mom shocked me!

I think it is so invasive and extremely cruel the way the media sometimes look for headlines and uses an innocent child as story board for that matter.

The pictures are shown on the link at the end of the article, they said he was bouncing the ball, looking at the watch, not properly dressed for the beach, wearing sneakers, “totally disengaged with the girl”!

Then they showed her mom, she , according to them, was dressed properly but did not want to get wet or play with her.”

I saw myself thinking about the time that I go to the beach with my son, as a I am a Brazilian, the cold Jersey water is not attractive at all to me, so I follow my son’s playtime at a close distance but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him nor like to interact with him….My husband often takes him to the local lake wearing the same clothes, Edwards was wearing and let’s him play with other children while he stays in the sun supervising it. That does not mean that he does not engage or loves our son! As a matter of fact, he did that yesterday when we switched places, I had to go to work and he came from work to allow our son to play longer at the lake; my husband was dressed just like him, I thought that was ironic! It came close to my heart and hurt, even though I don’t know them or the girl personally!

This is the video:


I think as a mother and a writer, I am feeling embarrassed for the way the press portrayed the playtime and wish we changed the need to fabricate headlines at people’s expense! What do you think?? Share your comments here!




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